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EchoKiller - Acoustic Echo Canceler Software EchoKiller Fact Sheet in PDF format

Compandent's EchoKiller - Acoustic Echo Canceler (AEC) is an advanced proprietary software solution that was designed to enable echo free full duplex communication, and was implemented as an add on software module to any product, platform, or application. EchoKiller is an excellent software solution, and can be added on as a library to any existing application such as VoIP PC client software for Call Centers to provide high quality and pleasant communication between customers and Customer Service Representatives. EchoKiller is extremely effective against the acoustic echo experienced in such systems as hands- free cellular telephony, Internet telephony and audio and video conferencing. It achieves extremely high performance, and excels in fast adaptation and robustness. EchoKiller effectively eliminates the echo, enhancing quality and improving the clarity of the communication system. Its performance is demonstrated in Table 4 and illustrated in Figure 2 below. For more information download EchoKiller's Fact Sheet EchoKiller Fact Sheet in PDF format.

EchoKiller Input
EchoKiller Output
Table 4. The EchoKiller performance demonstration (click to play).

EchoKiller Fact Sheet in PDF format
Figure 2. The EchoKiller performance: acoustic background echo removed from near end signal


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