MELPe Codec

Are you looking for MELPe Codec? MELPe Implementation?

We at Compandent offer highly optimized MELPe codec implementations on many processors, under. Our experts can help you in overcoming many issues such as memory and MIPs constraints, and solutions such as bit error sensitivity and bit synchronization, which can help you to achieve the best quality product.

We offer MELPe codec implementations on numerous processors and platforms including ARM, Android, Apple iOS, GHS PowerPC, IAR, STMicroelectronics STM32H743 ARM, Microchip PIC32MZ, Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple MacOS, Texas Instruments' TMS320c54xx, TMS320c55xx, TMS320c64xx, C64x+ (such as C674x C672x etc.), and OMAP (c55x based, c64x+ based etc..), Analog Devices BlackFin ADSP-BF561 and TigerSharc (TS101, TS20x, etc.).

Our implementations are bit exact compliance with STANAG-4591, and offer full-duplex, multi-channel MELPe, that can be used on a stabdalone device or media gateways.

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