Compandent™, Inc. was founded with the stated objective of providing cutting-edge technologies to our customers. These technologies include Digital Signal Processing (DSP), real-time embedded systems, and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) development. It is Compandent’s objective to develop and maintain a high level of expertise in these technology areas for the purpose of improving the competitive standing of our customers. Located in the Silicon Valley, California, Compandent maintains a highly competent technical staff with a proven track record of research, development, and implementation of state of the art technology and projects within tight schedule and budgetary constraints.


Competing in the emerging world market requires the timely application of ever more sophisticated and diversified technologies. The increasing rate of technological advancement is forcing a new approach to product development. As increased competition forces reduced development cycles and greater technological diversification, financial pressures limit adequate R&D expenditures only to core technology areas. At the same time, peripheral technologies are becoming more sophisticated and developing and maintaining the internal expertise necessary to effectively apply them becomes more expensive.

Competition requires that a product line’s technology be maintained by taking advantage of the potential that new technologies can provide. But it also requires that such product enhancements be made in less time and with less money. Meeting these requirements with a traditional engineering approach is no longer viable.

We believe that it makes far more sense for a company to focus on its core technologies while using outside expertise to provide the necessary peripheral technologies. Even the largest and most technically sophisticated of companies can no longer afford to be experts in all the technology areas associated with their products. Compandent was founded by world experts in the area of signal compression, and DSP for telecommunications with the top experience necessary to provide state of the art technology.

Targeting the 5G 4G & 3G Cellular, VoIP, Smartphones, and Secure Voice Markets

Compandent Inc. is an innovative startup company targeting the exploding markets of Fifth Generation(5G), Fourth Generation(4G) & Third Generation (3G) Wireless Networks and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Smartphones, andd Secure Voice. Compandent’s core technology is in voice compression which achieves a breakthrough in quality versus bit rate tradeoff. Compandent’s technology will be utilized to drastically reducing device memory or storage, and the bandwidth needed for each voice channel over wireless or VoIP packetized network, which can overall reduce network congestion. We will offer custom and standard voice-compression and enhancement solutions in the form of software algorithms, chipsets and boards for manufacturers of equipment and devices for wireless communications, and for VoIP. Examples of this type of equipment include Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.), wireless devices, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) / High-Definition Audio / HD Voice, Internet-of-Thing (IoT), and residential and commercial gateways.

Thirty years ago the world went digital. The 21st century is opening with a new revolution, the Packet Revolution. In the communications arena, wireline telephony and third-generation wireless networks are rapidly migrating toward packet networks. These packet networks will converge with other packet networks, such as the Internet, creating a globally interconnected network. Because any type of information, whether it is voice, video, online service or web page data, can be transmitted over the same packet network, this convergence will lead to a new era of accessibility and a tremendous range of life-changing devices, services, and markets.

As the most natural form of human communication, voice will be a major component in this explosion of packet network services, thus voice-transmission will be a part of nearly all communication devices. Both the natural complexity of a globally connected packet network and the ever higher user demand for bandwidth can lead to problems in guaranteeing a Quality of Service (QoS) for services based on transmission of real-time streaming data, as is the case with voice conversations. Entire voice packets can be lost or randomly delayed, leading to errors that traditional telephony voice-compression algorithms cannot tolerate. Commercial quality voice-transmission requires voice-compression and enhancement technology designed specifically for transmission over the packet network. Our goal is to make Compandent a world leader in the voice-compression field by developing the technology necessary to meet this voice-transmission challenge.