NoiseMuter ™

Advanced Adaptive Noise Canceler (ANC) Software

NoiseMuter is an advanced noise suppression solution, designed as add-on software module to enable noise-free communication for VOIP, wireless and other applications. Compandent offers NoiseMuter, our advanced Adaptive Noise Canceler (ANC), implemented on various platforms such as PC, Windows, Unix, Linux, and Texas Instruments' DSPs TMS320c54xx, TMS320c55xx, OMAP and others. The NoiseMuter's performance is demonstrated in Table 1 below.

NoiseMuter demonstration: (click to play)

Coder / Condition Original NoiseMuter Processed
Speech + Car Noise Original NoiseMuter Processed

Table 1. Demonstration of the TMS320c55xx Adaptive Noise Canceler NoiseMuter

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