Privacy policy requirements for Compandent MELPe Test Android applications

  • Compandent is the owner of the Compandent MELPe Test Android application.
  • This application was made for Compandent's customers. By clicking install, you are agreeing that this application will be used for evaluation purposes by potential customers only, and not for any purpose of reverse-engineering or competing with Compandent!
  • If you are not intending to become Compandent's customer please delete the application immediately.
  • At any future point Compandent may request you to delete the application.
  • Compandent may update the Privacy policy via this URL, without notifying users and visitors of changes or updates to the privacy policy.
  • Effective date of the privacy policy March 30, 2019.
  • No data is being collected by this application.
  • The application requests the following permission(s):
    1. Permission to record data on the user's device for the purpose or processing it as part of the audio quality demonstration. The user can delete the data by pressing the record button.
    2. Permission to make a phone call to Compandent when the user activates the call button.