Our focus is on highly innovative algorithms and techniques that push the state-of-the-art and are tailored to the needs of the next-generation product goals of our clients. We are particularly strong in developing very efficient, low complexity algorithms and in providing quality enhancements to existing standards while maintaining interoperability. Compandent's technical management and engineering team have an outstanding record of significant achievements.

Compandent™ performs custom technology development for its clients and partners in various aspects of digital signal processing. Our world-class expertise has attracted leading telecommunications and semiconductor companies to retain our services or form strategic liaisons with us.

DSP Modules, Standard and Customized Systems

We develop customized algorithms from our library of modules to meet client needs. Noise cancellation, voice activity detection, echo cancellation, and wideband speech and music compression are available for licensing. We also provide complete systems solutions integrated with re-entrant DSP assembly code for a target processor.

Compandent has considerable expertise with international standards of the ITU, MPEG, TIA, GSM, 3GPP, 3GPP2, Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.), wireless devices, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) / High-Definition Audio / HD Voice, Internet-of-Thing (IoT) etc., and we develop PC or DSP based implementations that are standards-compliant or standards-compatible with reduced complexity and/or quality enhancements.


MELP and MELPe Software, Hardware, and support

Compandent, Inc. Developers of speech processing algorithms on DSPs, including low-rate speech coders, speech enhancement, AEC, and Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithms. MELCODER - Compandent has participated in the research, development, and implementation of the Enhanced Mixed-Excitation Linear Predictive (MELPe) vocoder, which operates at 2400, 1200 and 600 bps. Compandent provides support as well as software and hardware related to the MELPe vocoder. We can port the algorithm to any DSP and platform, and support any integration, platform and product. Download MELPe Package Fact Sheet MELPe Package Fact Sheet in PDF format

Technology Expert for Patent Infringement and Related Matters

Dr. Oded Gottesman is world-class expert, experienced in working with leading law firms, providing expert witness services, prior art searching, and related consulting for patent infringement, trade secret disputes, and related matters. Among his areas of expertise are speech and audio processing, signal compression, DSP, telecommunications, algorithms, software, and implementation. For more infrmation please refer to or .