Dr. Oded Gottesman




Technology Expert for Patent Infringement,                                    September 2001 – Present
Title: Technology Expert for Patent Infringement
Providing world-class expertise and experience in working with leading law firms, providing expert witness services, prior art searching, and related consulting for patent infringement, trade secret disputes, and related matters. Among areas of expertise are DSP, telecommunications, cellular networks, packetized networks, VoIP, streaming systems, real-time systems, timing and synchronization in cellular and other networks, location and position systems (UTDOA, GPS, etc.), transcoding between links and networks having multiple timing sources and data rates, source coding, channel coding, error control coding, algorithms, speech and audio processing, signal compression, algorithms, software, hardware and implementation. Served as expert witness in several cellular network and smartphone / tablet device related cases, including network operation, protocols, layers, signal processing, user / human interface, and applications. Served as expert witness & consultant for law firms and clients including Alston & Bird, BakerHostetler, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, Comcast, Cooley Godward Kronish, Cummins, Dechert, Echelon, Fenwick & West, Fish & Richardson, Google, Hill Kertscher & Wharton, Kirkland & Ellis, Sidley Austin, Weir & Partners, Woodcock & Washburn, MagicJack, Microsoft, Nokia, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, Parts Geek, Saint Lawrence Communications, Samsung, Toshiba, TruePosition, Vinson & Elkins LLP, Wiav, and Williams & Connolly LLP.

Compandent, Inc., Santa Barbara CA,                                            February 2001 – Present
Title: President & CTO
Starting and running a small startup company developing for outsourcing of DSP R&D and implementation, and licensing intellectual property. Developing technologies for various communication networks, including cellular network, satellite network, telephone networks, packetized networks, and military networks. R&D and implementations of technologies related to streaming-media systems. DSP contracts for SignalCom (Microsoft company) and the Department of Defense (DoD, DARPA, NATO). DSP hardware and software. R&D and implementation DSP projects - low-rate speech coder, noise cancellation, and communication for wireless applications and streaming media applications for environments that include various timing synchronizations, error control coding (such as FEC), modem (various modulations), etc.. Voice communication product development for cellular networks, wireless networks, packetized networks, VoIP, satellite communication, military and security radio devices, etc.. Exploring advanced robust positioning methods that combined methods such as GPS and cellular network signals.. Developing proprietary timing and synchronization solution for links and systems with multiple data timings. Development and implementation of adaptive algorithms, networking protocols, multi-tasking, embedded systems, timing and synchronization, etc.. Inventor of a patent for transmission of signals over degraded channel such as cellular network, and packetized network. The company developed, manages the production, and sells line of proprietary electronic boards and standalone devices, or can be embedded in other devices or systems having different timing sources, in synchronous and asynchronous links. Developped many proprietary algorithms and solutions, serving clients all over the world. R&D projects implementations and contributions to the US DoD & NATO MELPe secure voice standard.

DSP Communications, Israel,                                                     January 1994 - September 1995
Title: Speech Coding Group Leader
DSPC is a cellular technologies manufacturer of cellular phone chipset that includes the cellular network interface and the voice compression. Researching and developing a proprietary multi-rate speech coder at 4-8 kbps. The project included C simulations for floating-point and fixed-point arithmetic as well as Vector-Quantizer (VQ) design for each rate and research of various LSP quantizers. Leading the development and implementation of PDC's PSI-CELP and VSELP standards on the company's chipset (masked on TI's TMS320c54x). Developing a noise-canceller for digital-cellular phone. The PDC chipset has become the flag ship of the company. Oded's contribution was the key in turning DSP Communications, from a poor company in 1994, into a very successful one, leading to a $1.6 billion acquisition by Intel.

Optibase - VCON, Israel,                                                                            April - December 1993
Title: Audio Group Manager
Optibase/VCON is a manufacturer of streaming-media systems. Researching and developing a proprietary Acoustic-Echo-Canceller (AEC) for teleconferencing and multi-media applications. Implementation of digital-coding system which combined G.728, G.722 and AEC.
Company's Co-Advisor for Technion IIT's students project.
Co-advising Prof. David Malah's students at the Technion, Israel, who were engaged in a project of implementing the CELP+ algorithm, sponsored by Optibase.

AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill ,                                                              January - September 1992
Title: DSP Consultant
Writing the M.Sc.'s degree thesis in the Signal Processing Research Department in the area of LD-CELP wideband speech coding at 32 kbps. The project included research, design, development and implementation of the coder on AT&T SURFboard using two AT&T WE DSP32C DSPs in parallel processing manner.

Vibration Specialty Corporation: Philadelphia, PA ,                         January 1991 - August 1995
Title: DSP Consultant
Development and implementation of the real-time DSP software for the SpectraViB, a 4-channel spectrum analyzer and data collector.

Efrat - Comverse Technology, Israel,                                          October 1989 - September 1990
Title: DSP Engineer of Trilogue voice mail system.
Comverse's Trilogue message management systems have DSP boards that interface between the upper level software and the telephony boards. The real time DSP software includes various DSP algorithms, as well as the control for the telephony board, and a speech recognition module.
Function : Designed and implemented Digital Signal Processing algorithms using the Texas-Instruments TMS320c25 and the NEC µPD77p25 processors. The DSP software included speech coding, tones detections in presence of voice and noise, tones generation, ring detection, FAX communications, etc. The software handled several channels simultaneously.
Managed the hardware - software integration cooperating with the hardware engineers and the upper software's programmers.
Developed IBM PC software using C, PASCAL and Assembly. All algorithms were developed simulated and optimized using original IBM PC software. Also, wrote design and analysis utilities for the service staff.
Analysis and synthesis using professional DSP and mathematical software such as Xwaves+, MatLab, Hyper Signal, ILS, and DFDP.

Optisk Laboratorium: Copenhagen, Denmark ,                                          July - September 1988
Title: Summer Associate
Optisk Laboratorium manufactures optical filters. This process is done using big and noisy evaporation chamber. It is operated using a highly noisy output curve, which reflects the optical filter's layers. In order to control this process automatically, Oded built some hardware and wrote software for filtering and predicting the curve. The estimated curve was used for switching the control of the evaporation process.

Engineering College: Beer-Sheva, Israel ,                                                         May - June 1988
Title: Instructor

• IBM PC (under Windows 7, Win XP, Win 2000, Win NT, Win 3.1, DOS and Linux), SUN (under Unix/Solaris), Android, and Macintosh OS,
• Programming: C++, C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, various DSP Assembly codes,
• PC system manager of the Signal Compression Laboratory in UCSB.
• Computer networking,
• Programming of Data-Base applications,
• Programming of Internet protocols, sockets, TCP-IP, etc.,
• Programming of distributed systems, and embedded systems,
• Programming Android application, and iOS (iPhone, iPad)
• Web site programming including HTML, XML, JAVA, CGI, etc..


Post-Doctoral Research - University of California at Santa Barbara, ECE Department
UCSB ECE Dept., Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Ph.D.: Fall 2000 - Fall 2001
Researching in the area of Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Ph.D. - University of California at Santa Barbara, ECE Department
UCSB ECE Dept., Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Ph.D.: Oct 1995 - Fall 2000
Graduate Student Researcher: Signal Compression Lab. supervised by Prof. Allen Gersho
Ph.D. Reseach: Analysis-by-Synthesis Waveform Interpolative Coding of Speech at Low Bit Rates
Teaching Assistant: Digital Communications, and Topics in Speech Coding
PC system manager of the Signal Compression Laboratory in UCSB

M.B.A. selected programs - Tel Aviv University, School of Management
Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
MBA selected programs: 1993-1994;

M.Sc.E.E. - Drexel University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
32nd and Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia, PA 19104
Master of Science: Oct 1992; Cum Laude
GPA: 4.0
Teaching Assistant: Digital Signal Processing, Digital filters and Laboratory (included two recitations every week)
M.Sc. Thesis : "Low Delay CELP Wide Band Speech Coding at 32 kbps".
The research was performed in AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill .

B.Sc.E.E. - Ben-Gurion University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
P.O.box 653 Beer Sheva 84105, Israel
Bachelor of Science: June 1988; Cum Laude
Electrical Engineer (DSP, Computers, Communications)
GPA: 3.6; Class Standing: Top 3%
Dean's List: 1987-8, 1986-7 and 1985-6
B.Sc. Project : "A Speaker-Independent Speech Recognition System based on Dynamic Time Warping and HMM".


Ericsson-Nokia Best Paper Award for the paper: "Enhanced Waveform Interpolative Coding at 4 kbps" by Oded Gottesman and Allen Gersho, IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding, Finland, 1999.
Drexel University: Cum Laude for M.Sc.E.E. study,  June 1992.
The Knesset (The Israeli Parliament) -The Education and Culture Committee: Honor for B.Sc.E.E. study, 1988.
Ben-Gurion University: Cum Laude for B.Sc.E.E. study,  June 1988.
Ben-Gurion University: Dean's List: 1987-8, 1986-7 and 1985-6.


Compandent Technologies - Winner of the Business Plan Competition of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Engineering Management (CEEM) in UCSB sponsored by eLabor.com.


International patents in the area of speech coding


IEEE Senior Member - Signal Processing Society, and Communications Society
Paper peer review


• Selected business courses
• Entrepreneurship,
• Marketing campaigns including, strategy development, Internet based methods, concepts, and advertising material preparation,
• Sales, including correspondence, agreement negotiation and closing deals, customer support.
• Hardware and software project management,
• Study and analysis of new problems and technologies.


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