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DSP Outsourcing   

Few companies can afford to support the highly specialized in-house expertise needed to develop, fine-tune, and implement the extremely sophisticated algorithms that are critical for advanced DSP technologies.  With the rapid product development cycle required in today's competitive markets, DSP outsourcing is an efficient and cost-effective solution.  And, innovative world-class R&D can be performed at a relatively low cost.  Partner with Compandent for your DSP needs. 

 Business Relationships  

Compandent offers the opportunity for flexible relationships, including fixed-price contracts, partnerships, strategic liaisons, and joint ventures. Incentive-based contracts reward Compandent according to the success of the delivered technology. Frequently, we share Intellectual Property Rights with our clients and partners, protecting them from competitors while building our infrastructure of core technologies and patents.

Equity and Revenue Sharing  

Compandent will collaborate with our clients or partners to define a new product, assist with the proof-of-concept, and develop innovative DSP algorithm solutions. Our partners do the marketing and sales. Much of our compensation can be in the form of equity and revenue sharing.


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